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why paint?

I paint because I have always loved to paint, it takes my mind completely off everything else and absorbs one whole being. If one paints to sell then it is a hard road. Then one must paint what they want. Which is ok if that is what you love to do. But if you are a pleasure painter then you are free to take risks, you can always paint over oil paintings more paint looks good. And you have to paint fast to cover the old stuff up. And you have the luxury of following the painting and let the painting make its demands upon you thus letting your mind go and egotism take a hike.

The painter just has to paint or they feel crazy and is vulnerable to every comment, just don’t listen to them and paint how you like, in the end you will have fun and creative endeavors are freeing for your spirit.

A painter can be happy painting well into their nineties. Thats another reason to paint because its always a challenge and a learning experience. Its so subjective that who knows if its really perfect. So the painter keeps on trying. And if they are really lucky they can pursue other mediums. And so make their whole life a piece of art.